Open Overton

Located at the start of Hampshire's stunning Test Valley, Overton is a vibrant village with a growing business community. 

Local businesses contribute to a healthy economy and environment that supports the well-being of all local residents and offers those visiting the area a fantastic experience. The village has historical significance, an emerging creative scene and is host to BBC Radio 2’s Carfest each August. We enjoy a huge range of visitors throughout the year.  

The OBA's Open Overton message is to promote Overton's strong and collaborative business community, as seen on the high street and beyond…and to invite you to discover more!


How you can help

Overton's growing business community brings so many benefits to the local area, but it needs you. Your support will help to contribute to the success of local companies and the continuity, expansion and increase in the number of services and products to be found locally.

There are a huge variety of businesses located in and around Overton. These range from art suppliers to window cleaners, from builders to travel agents!  From micro businesses based at home to larger organisations based in the village centre, Overton offers a diverse choice of services, products and facilities. 

Discover Overton's

Independent local businesses and services