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Have you ever thought how many small businesses surround us in Overton? Don’t overlook what we have right here in the local area. Think local and get a great service, diverse products and the personal touch at a price you may be pleasantly surprised by.

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Overton Business Association

The Overton Business Association (OBA) is run voluntarily by local business owners. The OBA is committed to strengthening Overton's local independent companies, whatever their shape or size, by helping consumers discover the vast array of services, products and facilities that can be found locally.


Join the OBA

Do you own an independent local business? The Overton Business Association is here to help with membership from £40 per year. Learn more.


 The open overton message

Open Overton is a community project supported by the Overton Business Association to help Overton's diverse independent businesses to grow and thrive. Whether they are based in the village centre outlets, in the surrounding area or from someone’s kitchen table – make supporting your local businesses part of your everyday life. Learn more.


discover local

Discover all that Overton has to offer. Learn more about Overton's diverse range of businesses, services and shops, based in the village centre and beyond. Search local.


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We would love to hear from you! Whether you are a first-time visitor to the area, a local aspiring business entrepreneur or a long-standing member of Overton’s community, let us know what you think about Open Overton. Contact us.