Wildflower Turf Ltd


Wildflower Turf Ltd is the pioneer and leading supplier of wildflower turf and bio-diverse, species rich products in the UK. 

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About Us

Over twenty years, we have developed an incredible knowledge base on how to successfully create wildflower landscapes on many different scales, from back gardens and rooftops, to acres of meadows.

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What we do

Wildflower Turf is robust and easy to handle. The unique 'soil-less’ system allows roots to bind together to form a thick mat. This carpet naturally suppresses weed growth and requires very little maintenance. 

With a wide range of innovative products to suit all types of landscapes and designs, we are at the forefront of bio-diverse landscape creation.

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Contact Us

Wildflower Turf
Ashe Warren Farm
RG25 3AW

Telephone: 01256 771222
Email: wildflower@wildflowerturf.co.uk