Working together - How the OBA can support your business

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Q&A with Kate Llewellyn, Content Consultant

When did you become a member of the OBA?

June 2017.

Why did you become a member?

I have always known about the existence of the OBA through the organisation of the annual Christmas event but to be honest, other than that, I didn’t really know what they did. I first got more involved, when I went along to a discovery workshop run by the OBA in 2016. I found it really interesting how many diverse businesses there were within Overton, other than those visible in the village centre. I also got a sense at the workshop that the OBA wanted to change, grow and expand to suit the needs of our expanding and ever-changing village. 

What have been the major benefits of being a member of the OBA?

So far, it has been getting to network with a completely new set of people. I have attended an OBA meeting and had the chance to meet local business owners who before I have perhaps known by sight but not had the chance to talk to. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to them about my business in the hope they or someone they know may need some editorial or copyediting help. 

I also find making an impact on social media platforms like Facebook so difficult, so to have the support of the OBA pages to like and share my posts in order to get them seen by more local people is amazing. 

I am a real advocate of ‘think and buy local’ and want the opportunity to make supporting local businesses as easy as possible through the promotion and growth in awareness of the OBA itself and Open Overton’s comprehensive directory.
— Kate Llewellyn, Editorial Services Consultant, Overton

What do you hope to achieve through OBA membership?

I hope to make useful connections and collaborate with other local businesses. 

I am also keen to be involved with events run or supported by the OBA and to help said events be successful for the enjoyment of the local community.