OBA’s Digital Strategy – website and social media

OBA’s Digital Strategy – website and social media

The digital team, including Holly Foat, Kate Llewellyn, Alexis Walmsley and David Grist, having been working hard to set out a strategy for ongoing development of the Open Overton site and the public Facebook pages – Open Overton and Overton Business Association.

This Open Overton website is going from strength to strength. The OBA is delighted to welcome many new members and the site now boasts several new profiles of first-time members.

All members are encouraged to add their content to the website, through updates to their profiles, adding events to the calendar and getting involved with the ‘Spotlight interviews’. Simply contact Kate Llewellyn if you would like to add a news event or to take part in an interview. 

The ‘Spotlight interview’ is simply a list of questions in a Word document that you can answer in your own time. It is a great way to promote your own business and to demonstrate the benefits of joining the OBA, which we hope will encourage more new members and, in turn, support the growth of the association.

The Facebook page’s most successful posts are those which are shared by members, commented upon and reacted to (either with a like or other reaction). Every little helps and can extend the reach of a post significantly. At the recent OBA members’ meeting, Alexis reported that one post about Zeb Inker’s Tree Surgery reached over 800 people, simply through a few shares and many ‘likes’. 

Please like fellow OBA members’ pages, engage with their posts and leave comments and reactions where possible and appropriate.  

Finally, don’t forget to inform us of any events, offers or news related to your business – just fill out the Contact Form.

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