Dolly – The 2CV


The 2CV Legacy continues with Dolly 

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About Us

The 2CV is a design icon around the World and with the car celebrating its 70th Birthday during 2018, a new 2CV legacy has begun. A 1986 Dolly model has been transformed into what we believe to be 'The World’s Smallest Food Truck'.  We are looking to secure the global fascination in this amazing little car well into the future, with her dual purpose role as a state-of-the-art food truck and top-notch mobile bar.

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Her design team have created one of the most versatile food trucks in the World, with the ability to fit Dolly into any situation from a full-service kitchen in a field to a Vintage Champagne bar at a wedding - the possibilities are endless! Her ground-breaking kitchen equipment, design, not to mention her wow factor, coupled with a top creative and culinary team make her something rather special.


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