May 292016

The good news – most properties in Overton are now able to access the higher speed broadband offered by the newly installed Fibre-to-the-Cabinet system. Typically this will offer speeds up to a maximum of 76Mbps.

The less good news – most of us will not get that!

The actual speed obtained degrades as a function of distance from the cabinet. This is because of the copper wire used between the cabinet and the property. My tests suggest that the sort of speed most of us will get in the village is between 30-40Mbps. This is still more than adequate for most users.

If you are interested in upgrading to the higher speed service then you have options. You do not have to stay with your current supplier.

In the Consumer Associations Which? Magazine surveys there is one supplier constantly recommended – The Utility Warehouse. The Utility Warehouse tops their ratings on the quality of the service, for their customer service and on value for money.

If you would like to explore your options of upgrading or changing supplier without any pushy salesperson harassing you, then please give me a call. I’ll happily show you what the Utility Warehouse can offer and how it could help you to reduce your bills.

Alan Burman

07947 095067